A Cool Detective Inspector Gadget Hat
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The fast evolving face of technology today sets higher demands for detection in tech.

  • This gadget help to get the location of the person.
  • It even sends the pictures of the location through webcam.
  • It is designed in three compatible modes.

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Details about our Sherlocks hat functions and parts


There is a switch on the hat , by turning it on and off sequentially, one can send a emergency distress message to some known people or appropiate authority. The message contains a map link to the location of the hat . And this action can be accompanied by recording of video.


By leaving the same switch on the hat on, after 7s the hat gets into track mode, where it continously broadcasts its location continously once every 3 seconds. Its location data can be accessed from laptop or phone. Similar to the previous mode hat can me made to record automatically and save it on onboard sd card or broadcast video to the remote observer.


After the switch is turned off hats moves to standby mode where it stops broadcasting. And becomes just like another normal hat.

Ublox NEO-6M gps

Used to gather location and time of the device and it communicates with Serial UART interface.

Raspberry PI 3B+

It is a low cost powerful single board computer with wifi and bluetooth suppot, it controls all parts and interfaces the webcam to show live footage as well as save recording on its onboard sd card..

Arduino Nano

Popular microcontroller based on ATMEGA328P chip , reads the raw data from the gps and extracts the coordinates. It interfaces with a switch and operates two different modes of operation Track mode and Distress call .